Photoshop 2015 CC – 2015.0.1 güncellemesi – Önemli !

Photoshop bir çok hata bulunan Photoshop CC 2015 sürümüne güncelleme yayınladı.

Düzeltilen hataların listesi şöyle,

Photoshop 2015.0.1 Update (08/03/2015)

08/03/2015 – Today we released Photoshop CC 2015 update version 2015.0.1 (Mac and Windows), resolving the following issues:

  • Crash when Be3D printer profile is present in presets (win only)
  • Crash on launch “VulcanControl dylib” (mac only)
  • Unable to read key state in JavaScript
  • BlackMagicDesign ATEM Switcher plugin crashes in Photoshop CC 2015 when documents have more than one layer
  • Crashes when extension uses script UI
  • Crash in specific cases when Open window is invoked (mac only)
  • Crash on zoom (win only)
  • Fixed drawing for borders of white artboards drawn on a white background
  • Fixed drawing of borders while dragging and aligning artboards
  • Fixed artboard matte color extending inside artboard 1 pixel
  • Fixed typo in Artboards to PDF dialog
  • Duplicate Layer command puts new layers at top of artboard stack, not above source layer like it should
  • Properly disable the artboard canvas color context menu when it does not work with the current GPU and color mode settings
  • Crash on launch due to “librarylookupfile” (win only)
  • English text copied from Acrobat to Photoshop is in Chinese
  • Application hang while opening certain JPEG2000 files
  • Canvas/document area draws partially or completely black in a Retina/standard display config after disconnect/reconnect 2nd display
  • Crash when closing an image (win only)
  • Artifacts using Healing Brush tool on transparent layer with “Current & Below” enabled with soft brush
  • Healing brush failing on individual channel
  • Some customers prefer the texture and color rendition of the old healing brush algorithm compared to the new real-time algorithm
  • Welcome… menu item was unintentionally removed if user selects “Do Not Show…” checkbox, closes and re-launches
  • Filter Gallery gives error on Mac OS X 10.10.3 and 10.11 in Chinese Languages
  • Create Layer (from effect) reverses layer z-order
  • Fixed issue where customers in the UK, Canada and Mexico may not be able to purchase images form Adobe Stock if they accessed Stock through Photoshop’s Search on Adobe Stock menu
  • Move too set to Auto Select not releasing layers selected during drag
  • Layers panel incorrectly scrolling when adding or deleting layers
  • Crash when adding a spot color channel after adding an asset from the Libraries panel
  • Crash PlugPlug crash in [HtmlEngineMonitor closeWindow]
  • Crash copy and pasting a shape (esp the Line tool)
  • Direct Selection & Path Selection Tool +/- shortcuts not working correctly
  • Crash on Scroll while using Pen Tool (win only)
  • Performance problems zooming and panning while rulers are showing
  • Selection disappearing at different zoom levels (win only)
  • Selection redraw issue when dragging (win only)
  • Converting a video layer, generated by image sequence import, to Smart Object crashes
  • Fixed issue where Welcome dialog would be empty in some cases

Görüleceği üzere gerek Windows ve gerekse MacOS kanadında bir çok çakılma sorununu gidermeye yönelik bu güncelleme gerçekten önemli bir güncelleme olmuş. Güncelleme için resmi adres,

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